My name is "Templars'f" and i am a Baltic 51, a sailboat launched in 1983, for years, loved and cared  by my fellows of unforgettable journeys.

"Templars'f" is not just my name, it is a life experience, a cozy retreat, an happy memory, a shared history.


here explained why "Templars'f Home" for our concept of hospitality: we want to offer an experience as intense and authentic and create new memories, a new story, this time shared with all our guests and we hope future friends.

I am Alessandra,  I grew up loving the sea thanks to "Templars'f ", admiring the colors of the sky and the sea merging together and enjoying the peace and the elegance of its movements.


29 years, with a law degree, life and professional experiences acquired abroad, a corporate experience of 3 years in marketing and communications, I decided to dedicate myself to a new project:

making feel"at home" anyone who wants to discover the wonders of Italy, transforming their stay , itself,  in a real trip!


I will be your "compass", i will receive you, I will show you the best places to visit and if you want, i will tour you around to discover special routes ( i am a professional tour leader).